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This page was created before my blog.  Please check there for newer work.  I have written over 500 scripts, command files and SMS Installer executables.  You can take a look at some of my old favorites, below: 

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AddComment.vbs Adds a comment to a computer account in an NT Domain. Revised 11/5/2001 View Script
AddGlobal2Local.vbs Adds a global group to a local group on all Windows NT/2000 workstations in domain. View Script
AddRemoveMods.exe This SMS Installer file allows you to see the normally hidden base components of Windows 2000 in Add/Remove Programs Windows Components.  You can change games and other settings with this patch.  Running it a second time rehides the settings. AddRemoveMods.exe
ChangeLogonScripts.vbs This allows a mass search and replace of logon scripts based on starting characters of the username. View Script
Check for Code Red.vbs A script to check all NT computers in domain for evidence of CR Worm. View Script
CodeRedCheck.cmd An NT command file that checks for evidence of CR Worm on individual file. View File
DesktopUpdate.cmd This NT command file allows you to push files to the All Users desktop of both NT and 2000 workstations. View File
ExpireAdminsPW.vbs This script queries the domain and allows you to expire the password of Domain Admins and Administrators.  It allows you to select date, and has a report only option.  Accounts set to never expire are skipped.  The log is opened into Excel when complete. View Script
GetRegAndPageSize.vbs This script get the size of the registry and current page file on NT/2000 workstations.  It requires regobj.dll from Microsoft. View Script
HWScan.vbs This script for Windows 2000 rescans hardware devices. View Script
IEandMcAfeeFileVer.cmd This NT command file uses NT Resource Kit filever to get remote IE and McAfee file version information from an workstation. View File
LastLogoff.vbs This collects last logoff and other user information from domain controllers within the domain. View Script
LogonScriptCheckOS.bat This is an example of how to check if workstation is running NT or 2000 in the logon script. View File
MonitorPing.cmd A command file that notifies you when an IP address is up and responding to ping. View File
RemoveLocalAccountFromAll.vbs This script removes a local account from all workstations within a domain. View Script
RENMyComputer.exe Renames "My Computer" on NT and 2000 systems (none others) to Username on Computername.  You must erase current setting, the words "My Computer" for current profiles on 2000 workstations. RENMyComputer.exe
Run Command on Domain.vbs This script queries the domain, and lets you run a command on every NT computer in the domain -- except those listed in a text file which contains exclusions.  View Script
TimeRightsForAll.cmd Uses NT Resource kit to sweep a domain changing all NT/2000 workstations to allow Everyone to change systemtime.  Good example of what to do with directory generated by WorkstationList.vbs, below. View File
UnlockReset.vbs Unlocks and Resets a users password.  New password is complex, and (mostly) random. View Script
WorkStationList.vbs Creates a directory containing files with names of computers in domain.

You can then use the for command to effect all computers in the directory, such as:

for %w in (*.*) do echo %w

View Script
WSLastLogon.vbs Checks each NT/2000 workstation in domain to find out last user to logon.  Requires regobj.dll from Microsoft.  View Script
Admintools.zip An archive with all the files above. Admintools.zip

Additional Information

These were all written to be run from Windows NT or Windows 2000, typically within an NT domain. 

Click here for Regobj.dll, formerly available from Microsoft, now from http://vb.mvps.org.   

I have also posted many scripts at myitforum.com (akaplan).  As stated above, all new scripts are posted on my blog.

Comments or Problems?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, send mail to alan@akaplan.com.

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