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Finding Name Resolution Problems

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Name resolution problems are a plague for system administrators. If you think you are working on ComputerA but instead are working on ComputerB much gnashing of teeth may result.  In our environment we have NetBIOS and FQDNs to resolve.  The correct name, of course, is the one in the registry.

NameResolution.wsf checks the registry, FQDN and NBTName for computers.  Any name mismatches are noted.  This is an example of a WSF front end that I wrote.  The front end lets you run the script against a single file name, a list of files typed, a file of computer names, or a list from AD.  When you run it against more than one computer it is multi-threaded.  The results are written to a file on your desktop.  I had some strange issues with the .Run and .Exec methods for wshShell on a Windows 7 x64 system. These returned “file not found” when I tried to run NBTSTAT.  I rewrote the script to use the WMI Win32_Process create method instead.  (Later I discovered that this was related to an old version of PrimalScript.)

Soon I will post a script to fix PTR errors.