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Combine CSV Files to XLSX File with Worksheets

Three years ago, I posted CombineXLSheets.vbs, a vbScript which allows you to drop and drag Excel spreadsheets onto it and have them combined into a single workbook file with multiple worksheets.  Now that I am working in PowerShell, I have … Continue reading

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Export to XLSX without Excel: Export-XLSX.ps1 Revisited and Tweaked

I often look at the code of others with respect and admiration. Peter Kriegel (Germany) wrote Export-XLSX.ps1, an amazing script which lets you export data into a real XLSX file without Excel being installed. The script also enables you to … Continue reading

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Minimize File Size Bloat with Excel Pivot Tables

I often work with very large spreadsheet, often more than 30 MB in size. I am an Office user, not an Office expert.  A few months ago one of my teammates taught me how to use pivot tables to summarize … Continue reading

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Get Holidays for Any Year and Any Country as PowerShell Object

This script started out as a project to figure out how to automate Excel web queries in PowerShell, so MS Excel is a prerequisite for this script.  If you have Excel, but have never used query tables, it is accessible … Continue reading

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Combine Multiple Excel Spreadsheets

I create a lot of Excel audit reports in a multi-domain environment.  When they go out, I need to combine the reports from each domain into a single Excel workbook with multiple worksheets.  I found some VBA code on mrexcel.com … Continue reading

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