A Dot Source Reminder for Advanced Functions

One of the problems with writing advanced functions is that new PowerShell users think that they don’t do anything.  Frankly, I couldn’t figure out a way to get a notification to work, so I reached out to the sponsor for the Charlotte PowerShell User Group, Microsoft PFE Brian Wilhite. Brian sent me some code  which I incorporated into the following snippet:

If you expect to have the end-user save the function with code calling it at the bottom of the script, try this version which won’t prompt if there is added text at the bottom:

Put either bit of code at the bottom of any advanced function. If the script runs inside the ISE, you will get something like this:

If you run it inside the PowerShell console you will see:

If you use the shell menu option to Run with PowerShell, it adds a pause so the script does not close.  Note that the colors are not rendered properly in the example text  — the first line has green text, following lines display with default colors.

Update:  if the code above doesn’t pause when you use “Run with PowerShell” from the shell context menu, replace if (([Environment]::GetCommandLineArgs()) -match '&'){pause} with if ([regex]::IsMatch([Environment]::GetCommandLineArgs(), 'powershell_ise') -eq $false){Pause}. For more on this see this post.

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