Remote Windows Update 3.1

Looking for a script to run Windows Update remotely?   WindowsUpdate.hta version 3.1 is an HTML application which allows you to connect to a remote machine, determine what patches it requires from Windows Update, and install the patches.  You can schedule a reboot time. This version allows you to look at he Windows Update log, and the log created by the program itself.  There is a button to allow you to change the update source to, which is helpful in places where WSUS or SUP is not working properly.  You can install all security patches, or select patches individually.

HTA files are best run from your local drive. Version 3.0 was released in 2011, version 3.1 only changes the background color to blue.  The transition color method I had used for the background is no longer supported in IE, and the program appeared to be broken.

Change _hta.txt extension to .HTA.
Script Text

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2 Responses to Remote Windows Update 3.1

  1. shanimal says:

    When I try to use this (or version 2) I always get an error.
    “Fatal Error: There were problems creating patch task.. Press Reset Form button to reset”

    Any idea how to fix? This is windows 7 and Server 2003 (firewall turned off)

  2. Alan says:

    Have you tried running it from your desktop? If Windows 7 have you run it from an elevated prompt?

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