WPMAC5 Freeware

When I started practicing law solo in 1985, I had a computer and plenty of time on my hands. I had been using WordPerfect prior to 4.1, when it was a SSI Software product. I started to write macros to make my practice easier. I then collected the macros and bundled them as shareware. I had benefited greatly from programs written and distributed this way. I still do. My intention was to give back something to the then much smaller online community.

There are over 100 macros in each archive. WPMAC516.ZIP was reviewed favorably by PC Magazine and PC World. Here, then, are WPMAC516.ZIP (for WP 5.1 DOS), and WPMAC509.ZIP (for WP 5.0 DOS).

There are no macros available from me for versions of WordPerfect beyond 5.1. The interesting macros did not successfully convert to the more modern versions of the macro language. I would welcome anyone's efforts to make the conversion.

These were originally released as shareware.  I now dedicate them to the public domain.  Do not send me any registration for the macros, but I'd welcome any email regarding them.  I am sorry that I no longer provide any support for the macros.

Comments or Problems?

If you have any questions, please send me mail:  alan@akaplan.com

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