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WMI Repair — The Old Way is a Bad Way

This was forwarded to me from one of our Microsoft guys.  I have been using a batch file to fix WMI with this line for years: WMI: Stop hurting yourself by using “for /f %%s in (‘dir /s /b *.mof … Continue reading

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How to Create Single SCCM Bootable Media for both X32 and X64

My friend, Nick Miller, has gone to work with another company, and is involved in a Windows 7 image standardization project.  He recently told me that he had figured out how to have a single bootable USB WinPE disk to … Continue reading

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Abort SCCM Restart

Sometimes you get a panicked call saying, “I got a message saying my computer will reboot in 5 minutes”. StopSCCMRestart.cmd allows you to abort the reboot on a local or remote machine. It works by killing the SMSCliUI.exe task. The … Continue reading

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Check SCCM TempDB space

Sometimes a poorly framed query or collection can cause SCCM collections to be left forever in an evaluation state. As a result, the TempDB for the SCCM server can grow to the point where it fills the available drive space. … Continue reading

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