Add-WindowsFeature Alternative for Client OS

Waiting for the add remove features dialog populate on my client OS computer is slow.  Since I started using Add-WindowsFeature wither Server 2008, and Install-WindowsFeature beginning with Server 2012, I was disappointed by the lack of a similar cmdlet for Windows 10.  Unfortunately, Add/Install-WindowsFeature relies on ServerManager — which doesn’t exist on a workstation.  The alternative command line method is DISM.  The DISM command line, is difficult to manage.  I decided to use PowerShell to create the DISM command line on the fly. Edit-ClientFeatureList.ps1 provides this functionality with a quick and easy GUI.  Highlighted choices will change state — enabled items will be disabled, and conversely, disabled items will be installed.

Select Features Screen Capture

Since you are changing features, the script must be run as and administrator.  I test that state with this function:

version 1.1 9/17/17 Bugfix plus echo to console of DISM command.

Script Text

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